[Evolution] Evolution titlebar cleanups


I'm on a crusade to cleanup all the titlebars in Evolution and trying to
make them as nice and as consistant as possible. Currently things tend
to go like this:

[component name] - Evolution [version number]

ie. "Inbox - Evolution 0.8" (that's Inbox with no un-read messages,
yay!) or "Evolution (29) - Evolution 0.8", etc...

the composer works somewhat different: initially, it says "Compose a
message", then it turns into just the Subject string as you type them.

Calendar, Contacts and Tasks work by just having "[Calendar Contacts
Tasks] - Evolution 0.8"

I feel like Evolution should be somewhere in the titlebar at all time,
so how should it be?

[Component] - Evolution [version] ? (In which Composer should be changed
to remain consistant)

Evolution [version] - [Component] ?

what about the seperator? Gnumeric uses ' : ', ie. "Book1.gnumeric :

Give me some ideas!

Duncan Mak
= duncan ximian com - duncan simplemente net - http://www.ximian.com =

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