Re: [Evolution] Re: [Evolution-hackers] Feature request summary 1/27

The backend is already written for scoring, we just don't have a UI.


On 29 Jan 2001 08:08:48 +1100, Tony Collins wrote:
On 28 Jan 2001 11:23:21 -0800, Adrian Custer wrote:

Is this not simply allowing extra icons and columns of different kind in
the "Field Chooser"? It would seem pretty simple to add the ability to
have bangs ("!") of different colours that would colour messages

If we add too many columns for all these different icons, pretty soon
we'll have run out of space...  Pronto! (gtk/perl MUA) allows you to
'score' messages.  Perhaps Evo could also do this, and maybe colour it
differently in the list depending on the score.

Just a thought. 


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