Re: [Evolution] Mail retrieval consistently hangs Evo

I dunno what to tell you, I have been making fixes to that code the last
2 days so everything should work now. I can't for the life of me
reproduce the bug you are describing with the latest cvs code. Are you
perhaps on anoncvs which may be a few days behind?

I've been very careful to check Changelogs and stuff before
and after I update, and I don't think anoncvs is too far behind.
There were a few updates from today.  One thing I'm doing right
now is compiling the latest bonobo, because yesterday a similar
problem seemed to fix itself with an update.  Any idea if this
could be it?  At any rate, I'll be grabbing everything again 
tomorrow or Sunday to give anoncvs a chance to catch up with

But this is extremely repeatable right now (in fact, I just tried
it and it hung on the first try).



On 26 Jan 2001 19:03:39 +0000, dan hensley att net wrote:
This problem has been persistent for the past few days. 
I thought it might have been due to mismatches in the
various libraries, but this morning I grabbed gal and
Evolution from CVS, and it's still there.

Basically, if I get mail the first time, I get the nifty
new dialog and everything is fine.  However, if I try to
get mail a second time, the dialog doesn't appear and
Evolution hangs.  I have to kill it and start over.  The
interesting thing is that even though the dialog doesn't
appear, mail does get downloaded.


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