[Evolution] critical bug in mail collection from system mailbox (2001012305)

When new mail arrives to /var/spool/mail/... and I request "Get Mail", a
progress dialog pops up, and hangs indefinitely saying something like
"Getting message 0 (4 of file)", although there's jsut one test message
in the inbox. The following error is shown in the console

updating inbox too

camel-CRITICAL **: file camel-folder.c: line 1229 (camel_folder_thaw):
assertion `folder->priv->frozen != 0' failed.

If I press "OK" in the dialog, it goes away, but the incoming message is
gone from the system mailbox and not in by Evolution Inbox. Yikes, how I
can I revert back to 021, which worked fine?
I can't find it anywhere in spidermonkey.

-- F

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