Re: [Evolution] Storage .pst(s) & standard mboxes

Where I work we're limited to 100mb, and believe me it fills up fast.
In any organization it doesn't take long before email is the preferred
method of transferring anything and everything: .pdf files, forms and
documents with embedded graphics, spreadsheets, you name it.  I always
download mine to a local folder but a lot of people don't, so it sits
there on the server.  Lots of people are surprised when they come to
work one morning to find their mailbox won't take new email.

We don't WANT people downloading to local folders where I work. Local
harddrives are not backed up; server harddrives are. So if all your mail
(including vital, confidential attachments, etc) is on your local drive, and
it dies ... well, life is tough. We can't be backing up every users
harddrive - even if it's only certain files on a harddrive.

Servers, of course, are a different story.

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