Re: [Evolution] gal/gal/e-table/e-cell-text.c is broken

On 16 Jan 2001 02:56:39 +0000,  wrote:
At least it keeps segfaulting every time I launch
evolution.  I'm trying to debug it right now.  It occurs
in number_of_lines, and I'm guessing it's due to font
problems from unicode_next_utf8 returning a null or
something.  But switching back to default theme/font
didn't fix it, so I'm not sure.  I'm so sick of font

I don't think that this is a problem.  I think it has something to do
with some filter code that was being changed around that was broken
between gal and evolution.  These are all fixed.  It'd be great if you
could update both gal and evolution and see if it's still broken?  If
it's still broken, could you send in the top entry in
gal/gal/e-table/ChangeLog, evolution/mail/ChangeLog, and a backtrace?

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