Re: [Evolution] Updates of Vfolders

On 18 Jan 2001 12:11:56 +1100, Rodd Clarkson wrote:

Wouldn't it make sense for the vfolders to update each time the mail is
checked?  This would keep them nicely in-sync without the problem
mentioned above.  Of course this could be a problem if you have
evolution set to automatically check mail every minute (which I don't
think you can do yet can you?).

That is a good time to refresh the vfolders but I think they need to be kept in better sync than that.

Suppose, for example, you wanted to have a vfolder for all your messages
marked important (!).  You might go through other folders and mark
various messages important and then visit the Important vfolder
expecting to find them all there to be dealt with.  But they wouldn't
appear until the next mail check, which is probably not what most people
would expect.  I think you have to check the filters for a vfolder when
you enter it so that you see the correct contents.  It would be OK with
me if the contents didn't get continually updated while I was in the
vfolder (thus taking care of the issue of messages blinking out of view
as they were read).  But my expectation is that when I enter a folder,
it has up to date contents.  It would be nice if the folder stayed up to
date while you were in it, but I could live without that.

I like your way more.
How about setting vfolder to update each time you select the vfolder
(including when you are in it), and then adding an option to refresh the
folder (in case you have your email downloaded every 2 mintues (assuming
evo gets this feature) or if you want to flush read messages from
vfolder for unread messages.  The refresh button could go in a number of
places.  On the toolbar, in the context menus, and of course it's
already refreshes when you select the vfolder.

Then the vfolder's behavior is predictable.  No sudden changes because
the mail downloads.  And the content doesn't have to change until you
enter the vfolder anyway, so why constantly have it updating for no

Yes I think that is a reasonable compromise.  It may not be that
expensive to keep the folder updated constantly since there would be a
limited number of messages which would have to be rechecked (you can
only change the status of messages in the folder you are in, for
example).  But as I said, I could live without it.  

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