Re: [Evolution] More problems with evolution

Damon Chaplin wrote:

Laszlo PETER wrote:


One idea is to change this line in e_text_realize() (gal/gal/e-text/e-text.c):

        text->gc = gdk_gc_new (item->canvas->layout.bin_window);

        text->gc = gdk_gc_new (GTK_WIDGET (item->canvas)->window);

It is currently using the wrong window when creating the GC, which may
mean using the wrong depth/colormap.

I just realized the original code is correct here, so that won't fix it.

But I think the problem is something like this - using the wrong colormap
somewhere. And I think it is text->gc that is used to draw the text normally,
so the pixel values used in set_text_gc_foreground() may be wrong.

Actually I can't see where text->pixel is initialized. This could be the problem.


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