Re: [Evolution] HTML Signatures

I believe it already does this. I remember a bunch of discussion on this
a while back asking that the feature be removed. I believe it uses
/path/to/sig/file.html for html signatures and /path/to/sig/file for
plain text.


On 08 Jan 2001 06:56:43 -0500, Garrett Mickelson wrote:
Feature Request:
Would it make sense to have Evolution be able to select an appropriate
.signature file based on whether or not you are choosing to send html or
plain text emails. For example you would have maybe a .signature_html
file for html formatted emails and .signature for plain text. Also, is
there any thought on having multiple .signature files for different
email accounts, i.e. my signature below is for work, but if I get an
email from a friend on my account, I would want to reply
with a different signature......
In this sense, Evolution could store .signature files in the
/home/<user>/evolution directory as opposed to using just the
/home/<user>/.signature file.

Garrett Mickelson


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