[Evolution] File locking...

First off, serious congrats to the Evolution team.  I've been using
Evolution full time at work now for a couple of months and it does
(almost) everything perfectly.  I've finally found a decent mail
client.  (I know, Evolution is much more...)

However, I have the unfortunate circumstance of having my mail
directory on an "NFS" (I use the term loosely) server that I can't
control.  Recently, I've been having problems with NFS locking on it
(lockd complains about it).  This in turn means that evolution pops up
messages about:

Error while 'Synchronizing "/mbox"':
Failed to get lock using fcntl(2): No locks available

Which is all well and good - it's doing the right thing because my box
is misbehaving.  However, when I send mail, I get the same error:

Error wile 'Sending "A test"':
Failed to get lock using fcntl(2): No locks available

And every indication is that the mail wasn't sent.  The composer
window pops up and I can send it again.  But the mail does get sent.

If I send it again, evolution-mail usually crashes, but that's pretty

Does anyone have any suggestions about the file lock problem ?  (Other
than kicking the NFS box).  Is there a way to persuade Evolution to
fall back to some other type of locking (I'm guessing this is a bad

        Thanks in advance,

        John A.

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