Re: [Evolution] Please fix anoncvs!

The problem is that Helix Code doesn't have control over the anoncvs (or
even the main cvs?) servers.


On 05 Jan 2001 22:14:52 +1300, Guy Steven wrote:
I was going to make a similar request earlier today. I was not however
going to be as restrained. Phrases such as 'crawl down the phone line'
and 'stick your anon where the cvs don't shine' would have featured
prominently in my plea to whoever administers the offending server.
For now I will just say, if the bloody thing is not going to be up to
date, turn it off!

On 05 Jan 2001 05:34:44 +0000,  wrote:
Please, I'm begging someone, please fix anoncvs!  At
least one of the servers is out of sync, because it is
_constantly_ reverting changes when the sync doesn't time
out (which it does very often as well).


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