[Evolution] mail folder store format "mh" broken?

I noticed what I think may be a bug in the "mh" mail folder storage
format code...

What I saw was this:

I set a folder to "mh" for storing mail. I did this so I could copy over
the files from exmh. I copied over the files, no problem. Evolution
finds'em, indexes'em, etc. life is good.

After receiving a few messages I get one that gets "stuck". It always
shows up as unread and cannot be deleted and expunged. If you try to
delete it, the expunge does nothing and next time mail is added to the
folder it pops back to the unread state.

I tried converting the folder to "mbox" format as I don't have that
problem with folders I have in mbox format and it fails saying it is
unable to remove the mbox_reconfig directory. I mop up everything my
hand, using a working folder as an example and it all works fine.

 Dwight D. McKay, Senior Technical Consultant
 Network Kitchen Consulting
 dwight net-kitchen com

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