RE: [Evolution] Bonobo Noafgo

  Another possibility is that, if you installed oaf from RPM (I don't
know if you did or not) you might
not have the oaf-devel package.  If you installed it from a SRPM then
there's one SRPM that builds 2 binary RPMS that install.  If you install
from source or on a debian box, my message is useless to you. :>

Aaron Weber
Ximian, Inc.

On 26 Feb 2001 12:21:38 -0500, Bob Bernstein wrote:

On Sun, 25 Feb 2001 21:45:08 -0500, Ron Guerin mumbled disconsolately:

 I'm not using a special prefix.
 Both oaf and gnome-libs are in /usr

That's (probably) the reason your bonobo build can't find oaf. Are you
sure your build isn't defaulting to '/usr/local'? Try:

# ./configure --help | more

to be sure the prefix is /usr. The configure macro looks for
[whutever] files, in this instance, which is under
/usr/lib in your case. A build defaulting to /usr/local won't find it.
To make things right try:

# ./configure --prefix=/usr


Bob Bernstein
Esmond, R.I., USA

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