Re: [Evolution] keybindings

n is already next and p is already prev.  del is delete which makes more
sense then d.

I just tried out using 'del' (instead of slicking the icon) and I think
that the way these two options work (pressing <del> or clicking the
delete icon are inconsistent.

Try this.

Select a message to delete.
Click the delete icon - note: the message stays focused.
Now select another message.
Press <del> -  note: the message loses focus and focus is handed to the
next message.

Why does doing the smae thing different ways have different outcomes?
Shouldn't the focus either stay with the message, or move to the next

At the moment I'd prefer for the focus to stay with the message, but as
the deleted message will eventually be moved to the trash folder,
(instead of getting underlined) the focus needs to move to another
message (and probably the next message is the right one, but if you
delete the last message in the view then it needs to refocus too (maybe
on the message above) which it doesn't currently do.)

Anyhow, I'm getting ahead of myself.  For the moment, shouldn't deleting
a message do the same thing regardless of how you delete the message?


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