Re: [Evolution] keybindings

On 24 Feb 2001 04:55:41 +0200, Ilya Konstantinov wrote:
On Fri, Feb 23, 2001 at 04:16:40PM -0500, Ben FrantzDale wrote:
Is there any reason that the mail navigation keybindings exclude plain
letters? In almost all browsing views there are no text entry boxes. Why
not alias n to next, p to prev, d to delete, u to undelete, r to
respond, c to compose and x to expunge? (Or some other set of bindings)

Why not alias them yourself with GTK's
change-menu-keybinding-on-the-fly feature?

I'm pretty sure you can't bind single letters that way. At least in the
case of delete; delete has a hot key of D within the menu so you can't
bind D because it's grabbed in that context already.


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