[Evolution] Various issues w/ Evolution

Hey all.  First off, huge congrats to all the folks who've been busting
their butts with Evolution.  I'm finally making an effort to use it and
I'm *very* impressed.  Here's a list of bugs/issues that I'm seeing:

1. Folder message counts not getting updated properly
    I don't know how the new message counts get updated when the mail
store's IMAP, but it seems to me that they're not being updated as
quickly as they should be.

2. When I delete a message that's being viewed in the preview pane and
then expunge the folder, the message stays in the preview pane.

3. how do I get rid of the "--" that's put in before my .sig?

4.  How do I get rid of the formatting toolbar in the composer window?
I don't compose HTML email, and I can't seem to get rid of the toolbar
and my composed messages are not appearing to be plain text.

5. Focus in the composer is completely fubar.  If I go directly to the
To: field when I compose a message, I can't enter a subject.  The cursor
gets left behind if you click or tab away from that field.  If I go in
and enter a subject first, I'm ok.  I think.  The composer's also pretty
fragile; I can crash the component without much effort.

6. I had an issue with not being able to retrieve a message.  The xterm
shows "retrieving uid (null) (direct)" and then "retrieving uid (null)
(delayed)"; the message never showed up in the preview window.

7. do flags set on a message in a vfolder get carried over to the main
folder?  If I've got a message in a vfolder and I delete it, does it
carry over to the message in INBOX?

8. How often does Evolution scan for new messages? Is that configurable?

9. I see that a new message exists in a folder (Jabber (1), for
example), but when I open the Jabber folder, I don't see any new
messages.  It eventually shows up, but I can't figure out the reasoning.

10. The progress bar should be active for more activities.  9 above
might just be Evolution retrieving the message over a slow IMAP link...

11. Reply/Reply to All doesn't work properly; I've got a message where
Reply-To, Sender and To are all SV650-L lists hawkgt com and the From is
user isp com   When I hit Reply, a message comes up with SV650-L     in
the To; when I hit Reply to All, SV650-L     comes up in both the To and
CC fields.  user isp com never shows up in a recipient field.

Excellent work on Evolution, everyone.  I know I'm working with a
preview version, but I wanted to give some feedback and make sure these
issues were made known.


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