Re: [Evolution] Can't find Gnome-Print? (fwd)

On 22 Feb 2001, Sejal Patel wrote:

On 31 Dec 1969 18:59:59 -0800, Thomas J. Johnson wrote:
Hi all,

I'm trying to install Evolution 0.8 on RH7. I downloaded gnome-print 0.24
and installed it (configure, make, make install). However Evolution's
configure can't find it, and gnome-config doesn't list it as being installed.
Any ideas as to what could be wrong?

Did you install all of gnome from source or just the gnome-print.  If it
is the later then you need to setup and environment variable (I believe
it is GNOME_PATH and GNOME_LIBCONFIG_PATH could use some help confirming
these) to contain the installation locations of the source compiled
stuff (usually /usr/local instead of /usr).  Hope this helps.

Actually when you're compiling for rh 7.0 most of the time you just have
to ./ --prefix=/usr; "/usr" is default for rh7.0 it has all your
libs etc in /usr/lib =)

I can't get evolution to fully compile but installing rh7 to begin with
was a mistake. Time for me to go back to debian.. This RPM stuff is just a

-Christopher Warner

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