Re: [Evolution] Little moans

On 21 Feb 2001 19:48:58 +0000, Ross Burton wrote:
* if the focus is in the message pane, the [Delete] key does not work.

Yep.  It sux.  Focus problems are a big problem at the moment.

* do the components (mail, contacts, shortcut bar etc) all initialize
  in the same order every time? Sometimes when I start Evolution the
  shortcut bar is missing some icons, and error messages are printed
  to the console saying that folders the missing icons point to cannot 
  be found. It looks like the shortcut bar has loaded before the mail
  component (for example) and cannot find the mail folders.

The shortcut bar is part of the shell, which activates all other
components, afaik, so its always there first.  It is probably because
some things are opened asynchronously, which confuses the shell, as they
dont exist immediately but appear later.

* when I try to send a message and it fails, the error code is printed 
  on the console ("451 sender domain must resolve") but Evo reports to 
  me that an unknown error has occured. Could the error reporting code 
  extract this error message?

Another known and very old bug.

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