[Evolution] Some bugs and other stuff...

Ok, here is my list of bugs and feature requests.... 

mangage subscriptions is broken, when I select the imap server it lists
all possible mailboxes but it hangs. 

Pgp is still not giving correct output when I dont have the key, but I
reported this a few days ago and I guess there are things more important
than this. 

When I get new mail and select a mail box (imap), then I click inside
the list of mails to get focus so I can use my keyboard. Now the mailbox
is syncronized and when that is done I loose the focus and has to click
again in the list.
Shouldn't the mailbox be syncronized when I select the mailbox and not
when I click in the mail listing window? And please give me my focus
back after the syncronization is done.

The 'n' shortcut should wrap... currently it jumps to new mails down the
list, but if I have new mails in a thread that's earlier in the list 'n'
doesn't work. If there are no new mails after my current position I'd
like it to start over and search from the start of the list to my
current position.

I'd like to have some shortcut to go to the next mailbox, and next
mailbox with new mail.

... that's it for now. I know that some of these bugs are not very
urgent but I just wanted to point things out.


Mattias Eriksson             E-mail: c96men cs umu se 
Tvistevägen 26                       snaggen acc umu se
907 36  UMEA                 Tel:    090-198800
SWEDEN                               070-5636769
'I don't fight for a cause   Hemsida: http://www.acc.umu.se/~snaggen 
I fight for the fight'       PGP: http://www.acc.umu.se/~snaggen/snaggen.asc

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