[Evolution] A few questions

Three things.  First, I noticed that the digital signature code looks
for the icons wax-seal2.png and wax-seal-broken.png.  I haven't been
able to find those anywhere.  I know it's just annoying, but would
anyone care to either send them to me or point me to a location that i
can get them?

Second, when trying to compile the cvs code with assbarn security
extentions, it always turns up mozilla not found, and therefore says no
to assbarn.  Now, i have cvs compiled mozilla installed properly and i
even pointed it to the right dirs, but it's still saying not found.
What precisely is it looking for?  (yes, i have all the includes and
libs that it's looking for AFAIK)

Third, it seems that the certain mailbox format's like to add empty
messages in random positions on my list.  mh really loves making one at
the end that i just can't seem to delete.  Are these known bugs or am i
just special?


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