[Evolution] Another bug. :)

Hello again, just found another bug.

Right click on a message, bring up the "Move To Folder" window, the
following error appears
in the spawing shell:

evolution-shell-CRITICAL **: file e-storage-set-view.c: line 1174
(e_storage_set_view_set_current_folder): assertion `path != NULL &&
g_path_is_absolute (path)' failed.

"Copy To Folder" exhibits the same behaviour, however delete does not.
I guess it happens
when the folder selection window is activated?  Perhaps this has
something to do with my 
evolution directory being a symlink from my home directory?

Jason Pollock

Jason Pollock jason pollock eservglobal com, jason pollock ca
eServ Global NZ phone: +64 4 939 3377 fax: +64 4 939 3390

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