[Evolution] Bugs in daily snapshots.

Hello everyone,

I'm using the daily snapshots.  I'm noticing a couple of problems that
haven't been mentioned yet, so I thought that I would share them.

I'm on RH6.2, with helix gnome (updated).
My mailboxes are set up to use maildir.

My problems:

1) Sometimes the mail messages are duplicated in the mail file.  There
will be multiple copies of the email in the same file.
2) Sometimes the mail view isn't updated.  Even clicking on the folder
doesn't result in the folder being refreshed.  The only way to find new
messages is to exit evolution.
3) Evolution is unable to read mail from my local unix mbox.  I get a
"movemail program failed, unknown error" error message.  Importing the
file as mbox works.  
4) Selecting the Calendar locks up evolution, pegging the CPU at 100%.
5) It isn't possible to specify that I want all of my emails to be plain
old straight text.  I don't really like html email, so why make me use
an html editor to create them?  Is there some way to embed gedit
6) Messages that are imported from a mbox file aren't sent through the

Evolution has a lot of potential, and I like it a lot.  Bug #3 is my
biggest problem right now, since 
it means that I can't use my fetchmail scripts and pine when I'm

Jason Pollock

Jason Pollock jason pollock eservglobal com, jason pollock ca
eServ Global NZ phone: +64 4 939 3377 fax: +64 4 939 3390

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