Re: [Evolution] conflicts with newest snapshot?

On 16 Feb 2001 16:48:40 -0800, Eric Newman wrote:
When I try to install the newest snapshot (2/16/01), it tells be that
evolution and bonobo need I notice in the text of the
update in Helix Update on the snapshot server that gal-devel is listed,
but not gal. Am I doing something wrong?

No, not your fault, the installer is stupid today.  In order to fix
this, you can either wait for the next nightly build, or grab the
libgal5 package from the ximian ftp server.  
While I'm at it, can somebody tell me Why there's a "gal" package that
only contains docs?  Seems the wrong name to me.  Shouldn't it be libgal
and libgal-devel, and eliminate gal, or at least rename gal to gal-docs?
Yes, I know how to implement all of those in RPM, not sure about dpkg.


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