Re: [Evolution] Assbarn Security?

On Thu, Feb 15, 2001 at 10:51:16AM -1000, James Morton wrote:
Ahh, I remember some discussion about this in the past now, actually:)
You mentioned that the SSL code was mostly done.  Does that include the
signing/encryption using S/MIME?  (Obviously not integrated, but the
backend work?:)

I can't *wait* for this to work!  Then I'll be able to completely dump
netscape (have to use it for encrypted work mail) completely in favor of
galeon and evolution!


Arcterex <arcterex userfriendly org>   -==-
"I used to herd dairy cows. Now I herd lusers. Apart from the isolation, I
think I preferred the cows. They were better conversation, easier to milk, and
if they annoyed me enough, I could shoot them and eat them." -Rodger Donaldson

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