Re: [Evolution] Cannot initialize Evolution shell.

I've been searching the list for an answer, and no one has one.  This
is obviously an error the dev teams knows about since it generates a
Does anyone (dev team member) has any clue as to what this problem is.
tried both 0.8 and the CVS from 2 days ago and getting the same message.

I'm not a devteam member, but I think maybe you need to provide more
detailed running info.
Based on previous posts I've seen, try this:

Close Evolution.
Open 2 terminals.
In one, type "evolution-mail"; it will appear to just sit there.
In the other, type "evolution; this will start the program.

Each X-term will now show you the status messages that Evo generates while
it's running. Try the "Compose" again, and copy the results from each window
into an email and send those.

Alternatively, you could try:

Open an X-Term
gdb evolution (this runs the debug tracer on Evolution)

Now try your compose window. Copy the output from the gdb window, and mail
it to the list.

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