Re: [Evolution] Problems adding columns

On 14 Feb 2001 07:03:02 +0100, Stefan Jeske wrote:
Hi !

I'm constantly having problems with removing the "Date" column
and adding the "Received" column instead. After dragging the
"Received" column from the field chooser very often either 
nothing happens or the previously removed "Date" column gets
inserted again. I'm using the latest snapshot, and this problem
exists since a lot of releases now.

Using the 2/14 snapshot build on RH 6.2, I have no problem changing the
'Date' field to the 'Received' field. I right-clicked on the field and
selected 'Remove this column' and right -clicked on another column and
selected 'Add a column' and dragged 'Received' to the Message List. I
can do this multiple times without fail.

However, I see no dates in my new Received field. Instead of the usual
"Day of Week, Time", I see only a '?' question mark.

Duncan Mak                                         Apprentice Monkey
= duncan ximian com - duncan simplemente net - =

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