Re: [Evolution] url handler

On 14 Feb 2001 23:04:54 +1100, Tony Collins wrote:
G'day all

I recently decided to use opera as my default web browser, and changed
it accordingly in GNOME Control Center.  All other GNOME applications
open opera when a URL is requested, but Evolution still opens mozilla
when I click a URL in an email message.

Is there a reason that Evo appears to simply use gnome-moz-remote,
regardless of what the global gnome 'URL handler' setting is?

    Hmm. I also tested this, now that opera-5 has this 
    -remote openURL -option. For me it opened a new 
    window in the already running opera-session, which
    is nice, but it didn't get the url. It tried to open 
    the http://%s/ -address. I tried with %s "%s" '%s' 
    "'%s'" in the openURL(%s), but nothing seemed to work.

    I think your problem is, that you have to restart
    evolution to use the ne definition.

Tony Lindström - System Specialist - Tekla Oyj
Koronakatu 1 - 02210 Espoo - Finland - +358-40-7620768

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