RE: [Evolution] RE: [Evolution-hackers] Congrats to Ximian/OO developers + more ammo!

Hi Dan, I just did a search through ALL of my folders, messages that were
sent to evolution-hackers ximian com have made it to me.  However, every
message that went to evolution ximian com did not, UNLESS, it was CCed to

Doing a search on the word 'groupware', only returns three messages for the
month of February, and the messages previous to then are Evolution Release
versions (.6 Procompsognathus, .5 Salamander, .4.1 aLeWifE) and then older
discussion messages...  Going to the helixcode archive shows a ton of
messages for the month of February containing that word 'groupware'.

So... apparently any message sent to evolution ximian com mail list is not
reaching me.  Which means I'm missing something like 50% of the

Any suggestions?  I think I'll try to unsubscribe and resubscribe, and see
if that fixes it...
However, there may be others on the list having a similar problem...

Tom M.
TomM pentstar com

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From: Dan Winship [mailto:danw ximian com]
Sent: Friday, February 09, 2001 8:53 AM
To: Tom Musgrove
Cc: Ximian (Helixcode); Open Office Discuss
Subject: Re: [Evolution] RE: [Evolution-hackers] Congrats to Ximian/OO
developers + more ammo!

I just read this thread on the Open Office Discuss list
discuss openoffice org   All of the comments have been CCed to
evolution ximian com, however, I haven't seen any of that thread.  It is
apparent that the authors of the thread were under the impression that
evolution ximian com was an alias for either
evolution-hackers helixcode com
or evolution helixcode com 

evolution ximian com IS an alias for evolution helixcode com  (Or
rather, evolution helixcode com is an alias for evolution ximian com,
which is the correct list name now.)

Perhaps you have filters set up that are moving the messages to some
unexpected folder where you're not seeing the mail?

-- Dan

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