[Evolution] Evolution bugs

I am using a snapshot built downloaded for Redhat 6.2 about two
hours ago.

1.  I am using the AbsoluteE Sawfish theme.  This theme uses
   a dark background and white text.  However, though Evolution 0.9
   is showing the dark background in both the message list and the 
   message compose windows, the text is being rendered in black.
   It's barely legible.  This is also true for the text shown in the
   Cc:, Bcc: and Subject: inputboxes.

2. On a related note (to #1), the AbsoluteE theme uses a dark background
   for toolbars, too.  On the HTML formatting toolbar in the compose
   the toolbar buttons appear to be rendered with a black transparent
   This makes the toolbar button graphics almost impossible to make out.
   Perhaps you need an algorithm for determining the whether a white or
   black graphic will display the highest contrast (most usable) toolbar
   buttons and then display the corresponding graphic.  Other locations
   where this is happening include: 

    Insert->Link->Text -- The textbox

3.  Even though I have tried to not compose messages without using
   HTML, the HTML toolbar stays visible and when I hit TAB, the 
   current line drops down and indents, so I think the link is being
   turned into an HTML paragraph.

4.  The Help->About box selection doesn't cause anything to be

5.  If I save a draft of a message and then double-click on the draft in
   Drafts folder, the message opens in view mode, instead of edit mode.
   If I want to edit the message for sending, I have to
   and then select "Edit."

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