[Evolution] vFolders and updating the contents

Hi all

I recently setup a vFolder to show all unread email recieved i nteh last
24 hours.  Works like a charm until I read some email, then go to a
nother folder or vFolder and come back.  

When I come back it still has the unread emails in it.  If I stop Evo,
then start it again the unread mails do not show up.

I was wondering if this is a bug, or planned behavior?  The reason I ask
is tha i na busy environment I tend to leave my email app running all
day, in this situation the currnt behavior would make this vFolder
meaning less as unread mail would show up.

If this is planned behaviour perhapse there could be an option to have
(on a folder by folder case) some folders be rescanned when ever we
switch to them?

Just a thought

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