Snapshot buildbar? (Re: [Evolution] open letter to Ximian Evo team: RH 6.2 blues)

On 08 Feb 2001 16:55:47 -0500, Fernando Pereira wrote:
I'll try Alec's work around as soon I have some time.

Hey! It was my idea first! ;-)

Anyhow, it's simple enough if you have a decent machine. Just get all
the SRPMS and rebuild them in the exact order the snapshots are built
(for minimum hassle), rpm -Uvh each package after they're done

xml-i18n-tools -> oaf -> GConf -> gnome-vfs -> bonobo -> gal -> gtkhtml
-> evolution

I get it done in around 35 minutes or so.

As for the build situation, I understand that it's getting bad, so I
propose and promote myself to work on something to ameliorate this

I propose that we do something like Mozillazine's  buildbar.

I already have a skeleton page for providing snapshots info in
and I can certainly improve upon it and but a buildbarish thingy there.
This page would hopefully get into soon after being reviewed.

I have been busy lately, but I'll try and talk to Asa from the Mozilla
project and see how they coordinate their buildbar. I guess, to get it
going initially, we'll need some people to sign up for testing
responsibilities for the 3 distros we're building for. I can volunteer
to test the RH6.2 builds...

How does this sound? Any suggestions?


Duncan Mak
= duncan ximian com - duncan simplemente net - =

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