[Evolution] Re: [discuss] GROUPWARE

Oh, yes. Except they can (if they are willing ) to serve as a place to
hijack develpoers from and as a test app 8-)

We are willing. We might even adapt some of our front ends to use the
OGS XML-RPC interface instead of direct PHP. This might make the end
result a bit slower due to the XML-RPC overhead, but it would allow us a
proper testing environment. My first goal will be to define the OGS
XML-RPC structure. Then create the OGS interface to phpGW, making phpGW
the first OGS "server". Some client code will be done alongw ith the
server code for testing purposes, but after the server is written I will
work on improving the client side.

phpGW seems like a product designed to get the job done.  An OGS would
have to be designed from the ground up to be flexible enough for any
number of client developers to use.  The important element of such a
project is that it's open and reusable, client-friendly, comprehensive
while being flexible, and based upon standards.

Yes - and we can test that part immediately on us, Evolution and phpGW and
thus make sure no party will have to do extensive retyrofitting to get it
suit their needs

I would appreciate very much to hammer on the details with the Evo team
so that this OGS interface will suit both our needs. I would imagine
that a design that could work for client based Evolution and webbased
phpGW would be flexible enough for most any other project. Of course I
would also like the Open Office guys involved.

The one thing Im not going to do is get frozen in committee. If I dont
people to agree, then I am going to move ahead and design the thing with
my existing team and whoever else wants to work with us.
Too many great plans get frozen in committee and become vaporware. I
would rather have a standard and implementation out there that no one
uses then one that never gets off the ground.


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