Re: [Evolution] I can't receive my mail

On 07 Feb 2001 16:16:13 +0100, Herran_Jose-Angel/madrid_tecnologia sinvest es wrote:

How can i configure evo to receive my mail ? 
I use fetchmail + movemail, and with netscape that's no problem. But,
with evo i can't configure that.
My mail was stored in /var/spool/mail/ "user" and i don't know how i can
pick up it, can something help me?

This should all be very easy now with Jeff's new mail config dialogs.
They are avaliable in 0.8 ( I think) and definitely in the Snapshot

Just add a new mail acct of "Server type" = "standard unix mbox file" or
"QMail Maildir file" and type the path in. that should be all.

Duncan Mak
= duncan ximian com - duncan simplemente net - =

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