[Evolution] Misc problems

1. Mail component crash on "Get Mail"
I have 2 pop and 1 imap account.  If I hit "Get Mail" it will crash once
both pop accounts are downloading.  If I hit cancel on one before it
gets connected to the mail server, it downloads the other one just fine.
IMAP doesn't seem to affect anything.  Just can't download from more
than 1 pop account at the same time.

2. Filter on regex on message-header is broken.
I have 2 filters that is just a regex on the message-header, and for
some reason those 2 folders gets a copy of ALL messages I download.  All
my filters are set to be move-to-folder, but for some reason all
messages also gets copied to those 2 folders. I would paste in the xml
of the 2 filters, but focusing in the message composer is somewhat
broken :(

3. Message composer focus messed up.
If one of the to/cc/subject/etc fields are selected, I can't use the
mouse to move focus to the message itself, and I have to use Tab.  And
when using Tab it doesn't follow the order of the fields.  And sometimes
both a field and the message body has a blinking cursor(right now to:,
cc: and body has blinking cursor) and lots of other really weird stuff

4. Pasting don't work right with message composer
The selection text as printed on the "console" is right, but some of the
parts after pasting gets moved around.

5. Some messages just can't be deleted.
Most seem to happen when the content of the message can't be converted
to UTF-8.  I should still be allowed to delete the messages tho :)

6. Still have the problem where some messages doesn't show up when
threading is on, even after selecting "Show all messages"

These are all problems that have persisted for a few snapshots now.

This is using snapshot 2001020416 on Redhat 7.0(i386)


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