[Evolution] Some errors to correct in evolution


I'm using evolution from Jan 30 (self compiled) and found some errors
(some of them
exist for a long time):

- Mail filtering does not work if the line contain german umlauts
  (perhaps generally 8 bit characters). A sender like:

  Jörg Backmann <joerg backmann xyz de>
  is not handled correct with a filter on xyz.de. A mail from

  Joerg Backmann <joerg backmann xyz de> is handled correct with the
  same filter

- Send Later causes evolution to loop with 100% CPU, the mail is lost
  after killing evolution.

- The status box for incoming mail sometimes stops at some percent
  <<100%. All the mail is read, and it works fine after finishing the
  box with ok, but it's very misleading if the indicator is not

- I think, there is a problem with name servers and evolution if the
  name servers are changing. I'm using a laptop and have different
  mail accounts. I'm getting my mail since about 2 months via
  fetchmail, because evolution was not stable enough. But I'm sending
  my mail directly via smtp with evolution. The hostname resolution is
  done via name server which I get via dhcp. So sometimes, when I'm
  changing the network segment and the location where I am, different
  smtp addresses are known, because they are only internal and not
  visible (even from dns) from an outside location. Evolution is not
  able to take this switch, I have to restart it. (BTW, fetchmail also
  doesn't do the job.)

- Now, there is a possibility of handling different mail accounts with
  a flag for choosing a default one. That's nice. Is it possible to
  have an additional flag for activating and deactivating a mail
  account temporarily?

Heinz-Josef Claes

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