Re: [Evolution] Calendar server?

Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:

Well, it was originally planned to be post-1.0, but as it seems a LOT of
people really want this functionality we may change our minds and try
for a 1.0 solution. The answer isn't really clear at the moment and is
one of the things we plan to discuss and decide upon in the next few



PLEASE DO consider this functionality NOW to be included in 1.0!!  I'm
meeting with a medium sized business that would love to drop Exchenge
and it's calendaring stuff for an Open Source solution.  The Manager is
a big proponent of Open Source and searches high and low for OSS
solutions before going closed source and Ximian is the nearest thing to
what Microsoft offers that is Open Source and makes migration of look
and feel and funtionality easy for users to take.

While I would not advocate that ALL calendaring features be available in
1.0, at least the framework for others to build upon using other
solutions as they see fit to be implemented.  I personally don't care if
it's not slick in 1.0, but would love it to be functional with sharing
with others as well as Palm Pilots.

I don't know it if you have thought of this, but take a look at Excite
and Yahoo's calendaring functions which allow importing and exporting of
data with other applications such as Outlook or Netscape which I use as
a backup of my data files.

Feature request: I use the ToDo List and the Caledar feature in a
different way than most people.  I use the ToDo list to track what I
need to do, but drag and drop the item from the ToDo list into the
calendar to plan my day with each item sequenced throughout the day.  If
I had to reschedule an item, that's easy, but if I delete an scheduled
item, I'd like to delete the item in the ToDo list at the same time and
visa versa.  The issue is linking each related item in the ToDo list and
the Calendar. Is this possible?

Feature request: Would it be possible to use a command line for inputing
data or sharing,etc.?  I'm beginning to take a look at nmh as an email
client with it's integration with various command line stuff.

Hope this helps.


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