RE: [Evolution] Evo usable as daily/regular mail app?

I'd like to agree with this boring request below.  I have been a
Palm/Outlook fanatic for years.  It's the ONLY thing that still ties me to
that other OS.  If we could get those conduits going - I'd be free at last,
free at last!

But seriously, it really threw me for a loop when the documentation told me
to expect the conduits in the Gnome Control Center and they were not there.
A Ximian hacker on #evolution gave me the details on what was going on and
told me I wasn't crazy.  Thanks lewing!  You fellas might want to make a
note of that.

I have been using Evo for only a few weeks now, and since I got the bug with
the pixmap themes cleared up it has been very usable for daily email.  Not
for calendar stuff and the like though becaue of the sych issue with the

Thanks for such a great app!  Keep it up and give us our conduits!  ;)


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I'm using evolution 0.8 daily as my primary mail agent. I get about 70
to 90 messages a day on average. Currently, I'm using fetchmail to bring
the messages down to a local maildrop and letting evolution take it from
there. Virtual folders and filters (I've got LOTS of filters) all work
fine and are sufficient for daily use.

I've stayed away from the daily builds due to the various stability
issues but I'll move to 0.9 or whatever comes along that's bit more on
the stable side.

BTW: I'd love to see a release that stabilized things, laid off the new
stuff and included the nice-to-have bits like the spell checking libs,
etc. and the palm conduits. Call it the "boring" release. :-)

On 01 Feb 2001 15:05:26 -0800, Chris Bailey wrote:
What I'm wondering is how people feel about using it as their normal
mail reader?  Evolution is very appealing to me (ok, truth be told, I
used to be an Outlook user on Windows).  Mozilla is too slow, and annoys
me with how it marks messages read just because their subject line gets
selected.  It also has some bugs, etc.  I've looked at Balsa, gmail, and
Pronto, but each have a couple things that seem to make me resist
switching to those; plus I just think Evo is cool.

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