Re: [Evolution] startup msg-box

On 01 Feb 2001 18:27:39 -0500, JP Rosevear wrote:
On 31 Jan 2001 21:58:21 +0100, Thomas Satzinger wrote:
is there a switch to disable the startup warning msg-box?
silly question, i know...

We leave this on because we want people to really read it.  There is a
way to disable it, look in the source and you'll find a way to disable
it :-).

Maybe it should keep track of how long one has been using Evo (or of how
many crash/restart events one has gone through, or how many messages the
user has posted here ;-)) and if it gets high enough, the warning no
longer appears. After all, those of us who have been using Evo for a
while are well aware that it is (great!) work in progress.

-- F


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