[Evolution] pilot conduits: help

I used the release candidates of evolution and found it very
useful---especially the ability to sync with my pilot.

However, since an upgrade to RedHat 7.2 (from 6.x), I've been unable to get
the pilot conduits to work again.  (I've tired recompiling all of gnome
from source; and I've tried redcarpet ximian-gnome subscriptiong and
various combinations of evolution-preview w/ ximian-gnome.  No luck so far
with gnome-pilot and the gnomecc pilot interface.  Everything else works
though :-).

Anyway, I'm having trouble figuring out how to debug the problem.  Is there
a procedure for sync'ing an evolution calendar "by hand"?

I use pilot-link with various packages like jpilot, PilotManager, pyrite,
etc.  Having a way to do things manually would make evolution useful to me
again and would help in understanding the sync process to see what's going

The second thing that I need to figure out is how to debug a subcomponent,
but I haven't finished reading up on bonobo yet.

Many thanks, and congrats to  the Evolution team.


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