[Evolution] Another LDAP related question..

OK , got my LDAP server running now. (Phew :-x )

How do I tell Evolution that it must use the LDAP server for 
address lookup's by default. In other words the address completion

I got the following from an earlier posting, but Evolution overwrites
my changes without ceremony.

----------- Snippet begins --------------

My company has an LDAP server which we use to track people's contact
information.  I've set up Evolution so it has access to the directory,
but when I'm writing an email, it never performs address searches on the
LDAP directory.  How do I configure this?
It is possible to change the search path for address lookups in the
composer, but it isn't supported by Ximian at at this time.  In fact,
there isn't a GUI yet, and this solution could change in future versions
of Evolution.  Here's how you do it:
Add this to your ~/evolution/config.xmldb :
<section path="/Addressbook/Completion">
        <entry name="uri" type="string"
NOTE: Change the URL to match the address book URL you want to use. 
With LDAP URLs it has to be formatted using the correct syntax for your

-------------- Snippet Ends -------------------

How do  I prevent Evolution from overwriting the file each time ?

Sorry for this long email, but I must explain myself clearly.

Kind regards,

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