Re: [Evolution] IMAP folder madness

On Wed, 2001-12-12 at 03:37, lloyd wrote:
I'm having some trouble with IMAP folders.  Occasionally, my INBOX will
display "This folder cannot contain messages".  Subfolders beneath it
are accessible, however.
If I unsubscribe to the subfolders, I'm able to access the INBOX again.
If I unsubscribe from all folders and resubscribe, I can see all folders
- for awhile.
Also, when subscribing to folders I see two sets of INBOXes and
subfolders in the list.

I've had problems like that twice - once when the Uni of Washington IMAP
server got very, very confused and wrote a wierd .mailboxlist file, and
again when I first moved over to Courier-IMAP and created all of my
folders incorrectly.

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