Re: [Evolution] Openmail?

That's odd, because the scenario we were presented with while talking to
the salespeople (ok, they were salespeople, not tech people), was setting
up an Openmail server in the domain, letting it replicate from the
Exchange servers, then making DNS/WINS changes to point the old Exchange
addresses at the new Openmail box.  Something that would be difficult to
do transparently if we have to push out an Outlook client to every user in
what was a 7000 person company.

For the record, I evaluated OpenMail at our company as a replacement for
Exchange.  I did have to install an OpenMail component on each Outlook
workstation for full functionality.  IIRC, once the plugin was installed
a new source was available when configuring mail accounts.

Evolution on the other hand is working great with Exchange (Mail anyway)
without a plugin : )  I will be purchasing the connector when it's
available though, since I don't think our IT department will be dropping
Exchange anytime soon : /


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