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I have not been able to do this. I have tried and tried, but nothing
works. I ended up creating a contact under "Other Contacts" then I did a
search for " "(just a space), and then did ctrl-a and coppied them all
to "Local Folders->Contacts"(drag and drop). It also seems that I'm only
able to display 100 names as well, but when using openldap, I can see
more than that. Not sure if that's a bug or what. Either way, I'm happy
with Evo being so nice and all, but disappointed that I don't have the

1. right click on any folder and have a "Mark all as read" in the folder
2. Address book sources not working correctly. So if I say that my only
contact under "Other Contacts" is the primary adressbook source, then it
will perform lookups on that BEFORE  my "Local Folders->Contacts". 
3. More responsiveness from my timed checks for new mail. It checks, and
I may not see that mail is there for several minutes, unless I'm
watching my imap source constantly. (highlighted inbox all the time). 

Other than that it's ok. The "mail" component does crash constantly
though,(only at work, never at home), and it seems to be related to
auto-checking for new mail.(I've timed it)

On Wed, 2001-12-05 at 18:57, Bob Hastings wrote:
Is there anyone out there who has successfully gotten Evo to perform an
LDAP lookup against an Exchange 5.5 server? Ximians bugzilla says that
this has been long since fixed but I've never been able to get it to
work. I've tried several other LDAP clients in addition to Outlook
Express and they all work fine. But Evo is a no-go. Kinda sucks not
being able to look at that Global Address List...


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