Re: [Evolution] LDAP

On Wed, 2001-12-05 at 14:55, Dwight Hubbard wrote:
That posting is a bit light on content to be put in the FAQ.  I couldn't
get it working and I find the post leaves me more than a little puzzled
as to exactly what goes in the authentication fields, search_base and
search scope.  It would also help if it showed some way of getting the
information that goes into those fields.

I've managed to get this mostly working, but it seems a little like a
black art :-)

For me, I needed to do the following:-
  - go to contacts
  - select menu item Tools->Addressbook Sources
  - Add a entry
      - Basic tab
        - Account name is what you want to appear "Other Contacts"
          section of the folder bar
        - Server name - name or ip address of your LDAP/exchange server
        - I did *not* check the "My server requires authentication"
      - Advanced tab
        - Port - unchanged (389)
        - Search base - o=Intechnology;c=GB
        - Search scope - Sub

The only hard part is the Search base, for which o=Intechnology is my
company name, and the c=GB is the fact that we are UK based.  I got
these by playing with ldapseach and by mugging our exchange
administrator :-)

After that you get a new entry in "Other Contacts", search and stuff
basically works, although there is a (for us at least) a cap on numbers
of records returned.  The a-z entries on the right hand side of the
contacts page do *not* work - a trace of whats being done shows they are
quesrying for something that exchange knows nothing about.

We use an exchange 5.5 server.


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