Re: [Evolution] Can't use TLS (SMTP over SSL) on port 25

On Mon, 2001-12-03 at 17:09, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
Are you *sure* it requires password authentication? The reason I am
asking is because so many people have complained that evo won't do smtp
with password authentication and every single one of them was "so sure"
that their server required it, but when I telnet'd to the smtp server to
get which SASL mechanisms it supported, none of them ever supported any
kind of SASL authentication at all.

Another question: port 25 for SSL/SMTP seems kinda odd unless it uses
the STARTTLS extension which currently Evolution does not support.
Normally SSL/SMTP is on port 495 or some-such.

that "some-such" would be port 465 :)

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