[Evolution] two cut-and-paste from CC: to TO: broken

Hi all,

(I couldn't find any tips on this in the faqs or archives, I'm using
Evolution 1.0).

I'm trying to cut-and-paste email addresses from the CC: line to the TO:
line in the composition window. I find this esp. usefull when I
reply-to-all to a message, but want to send to some of the recipients
(like when replying to a mailing-list message).

X11 style (or keyboard) copy-and-paste from the address line works once,
but not consecutive times :
1) start with a message with some email addresses in the CC: line
2) select an email address with the mouse
3) middle click at the end of the TO: line (email address is
successfully cut). Ctrl-V also works in the TO: line
4) attempt to paste again (mouse or Ctrl-V), but nothing pastes. Even if
you copy something from another app, paste-into-addresslines has become
completely non-functional for this composition window.

Copy from another app, then paste into address lines DOES work multiple
1) copy an email address from a text editor
2) copy (mouse or Ctrl-V) as many times as you want into CC: or TO:

It seems that the act of selecting or copying in a CC: or TO: line, then
pasting *that* selected text into the CC: or TO: lines breaks any
sucessive pastes.

Any ideas? I assume this is a bug.

And as a FeatureRequest: it would be *way cool* if I could drag-and-drop
addresses between CC: and TO: as well as cut-and-paste (Outlook does


Matt Quail -- Senior Software Engineer
mailto:matt cortexebusiness com au

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