Re: [Evolution] Incoming POP Source Filtering

On Tue, 2001-12-04 at 06:39, Joseph Tan wrote:

Congrats to everyone who has put Evolution together, it really is a
significant release for desktop users like myself. But a few issues have
remained since RC 1:

1.Source filtering from POP accounts do not work (for me at least). I
have a rather normal setup, 4 POP accounts, 6 filters. Two of the
accounts have to be simply moved to a designated mailbox folder when
they are received.

This simply is not working, I've tried moving the filter order around.
Creating the filters again in case I have made a mistake. All of the
mail is dumped to my default account folder for some reason

Did you do
 'move to folder' 'x'
 'stop processing'

as your rule actions?

Not really sure whats wrong here.

2. Spell check. Yes gnome-spell-0.1-7mdk is installed from my Mandrake
8.1 CD with aspell. But Edit > Spell Check Document is greyed out.

Joseph Tan

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