Re: [Evolution] Q: What is the difference between *.vcf files and user-cal.vcf?

I tried replacing a calendar.ics with one from StarOffice and Evolution
did not pick it up.

sigh... never mind.


On Fri, 2001-08-31 at 08:00, Gary Frederick wrote:
I bet the vcf files that Evolution imports are VCARD, not VCALENDAR.

The gnome calendar program exports vCalendar. Evolution uses iCalendar.
they are different formats, vCalendar was first, iCalendar is close but
not the same.

If you feel like trying something, try this:

0: assuming GNOME calendar, StarOffice 5.2 and Evolution are all
installed on your system.

1: export your GNOME calendar data to myCalendar.vcf.
2: import into StarOffice as vCalendar events
3: export from StarOffice as iCalendar events (.ics)
4: copy the Evolution calendar file to a safe place
     mine's at ~/evolution/local/Calendar/calendar.ics
5: make your calendar data the Evolution calendar file

  and let us know if it works!!!


StarOffice 5.2 is at

On Thu, 2001-08-30 at 13:33, Levent Guendogdu wrote:
Hi Evo Team,

I noticed that Evo has a function to import vcf-files. Import 
user-cal.vcf from gnome-calender fails, because there seem to be some 
unsupported tags. What is the difference between vcf-files in general 
and the gnome-calender vcf file? Is there actually some converter to 
make it possible to import my calender file?

Thanks everyone!


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