Re: [Evolution] No such folder error?

Actually, the problem is that "mailstorage" is NOT a valid folder type.
It's purpose is for internal-use only however the Shell doesn't allow us
to "hide" that option from the users so the user is presented with a
choice to create that folder type.


On Tue, 2001-08-28 at 10:58, Peter Williams wrote:
Hi Nick,

On Tue, 2001-08-28 at 03:41, Nick Holden wrote:
Whenever I create a new mail folder, I get an error message saying 'no such
folder' even though the necessary directory has been created. But I
also get the same error when I try to move a message into that folder.

If I define the new folder as 'mailstorage' rather than 'mail' type, I 
get "Generic Error" instead.

Any thoughts?

Well, there are several problems in that bit of code that we're working
on, so hopefully in the future this feature will start working as you
might expect, but in the meantime I think you'll have to work around it.

If the directory that was created was ~/evolution/local/MyNewFolder, it
should contain a file called 'mbox'. If it doesn't (which I am inferring
is the case), exit evolution and just touch that file, and you should be
good to go.

Oh, don't bother with the "mailstorage" type; it's not a user-level
thing, and in fact it's not available in later versions of Evolution.


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