Re: [Evolution] Evolution Bug Day, Take 2

On Sat, 2001-08-25 at 07:44, Gary Frederick wrote:
On 24 Aug 2001 22:16:41 -0400, Damon Chaplin wrote:

I've been looking into interoperability with Outlook (2000).
I've found a few problems:

Is anyone looking at StarOffice 5.2? The test I did with the attachment
from Evolution caused StarOffice 5.2 to die.

I can help a little, especially if someone on the ximian side is working
on it.

I may have a look at StarOffice if I get time.

What I did with Outlook was:

  o save the 'Bug Day' calendar.ics attachment to a file.
  o use notepad to edit the file, taking pieces out of it.
  o Use the 'Import iCalendar file' command in Outlook to load it back

I then repeated that until I found out where it was going wrong.

So you could try that with StarOffice, but you need to understand
iCalendar fairly well.


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